Upfit Your Enclosed Trailers with Durable, Lightweight Aluminum Cabinets

Upfit Your Enclosed Trailers with Durable, Lightweight Aluminum Cabinets

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Organization leads to efficiency, and efficiency saves time and money. Moduline Cabinets can help you get the most out of your trailer’s limited cargo space. Unlike wood that deteriorates or steel that rusts, Moduline’s race trailer cabinets and shelves are crafted from military-grade aluminum that will not corrode over time.

Lightweight and Customizable

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Military-grade aluminum’s benefits work in two ways for enclosed trailers. The aluminum material is durable and lightweight. Moduline Cabinets’ trailer cabinets will not overload the trailer, keeping the haul within a safe weight range, especially for when you have to stop suddenly on the road.

We offer an array of sizes and styles of cabinets for enclosed trailers. Every storage system is designed with flexibility and cohesiveness in mind. These qualities allow you to customize the cabinets, lockers and shelves layouts to meet your specific needs.

Aluminum Bins, Drawers and Parts Keeper Organizers

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Moduline Cabinets’ assorted bins provide neat storage for small parts and tools. Aluminum drawer units that are fitted with QuikDraw® latches offer one-touch accessibility, and dividers and liners keep every item in its place. With parts keeper organizers, you do not have to make repeated trips to the trailer. The removable dividers in these organizers allow for efficient sorting of nuts and bolts.

Functional Countertops

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Countertops are another one of Moduline Cabinets’ specialties. Durable and practical, these lightweight countertops give tradesmen a comfortable working area inside the trailer. As opposed to plastic or resin, Moduline Cabinets’ countertops come in easy-to-clean aluminum, butcher-block and stainless-steel varieties.

The Moduline Cabinets Guarantee

Moduline Cabinets guarantees its military-grade aluminum cabinets for a lifetime. Contact Moduline Cabinets today at 888-343-4463 to receive a personalized consultation from a team member and customize a storage system for your trailer.

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