How to Add Storage to Your Enclosed V-Nose Trailer

How to Add Storage to Your Enclosed V-Nose Trailer

Enclosed V-Nose Trailer Cabinets Red Moduline

Having an empty V-nose area in an enclosed trailer can be a waste of space. The best use for V-nose space is to place cabinets in this area for storage and organization. Creating a functional workspace inside an enclosed trailer can be useful for many activities.

Why Create a Workspace in Your V-Nose Trailer

The construction industry, for instance, can utilize the mobility of an enclosed trailer. A trailer is easy to relocate from one job site to another and always have a workspace for on-the-go jobs. However, enclosed trailers do not come equipped with everything necessary to create a usable workspace.

To create a workspace, you need to install upgrades to the trailer. The best way to create a usable workspace is by installing enclosed trailer cabinets.

Organization On-the-Go

ProII Series V-Nose Trailer Cabinets Blue ModulineA V-Nose trailer provides transport for your racing car, motorbike, or other vehicles. It doubles as a workspace during races, and for construction, home businesses, and service industries. It is easy to move from one place to another for mobile services using a trailer. Using Moduline’s trailer cabinets, you can organize the inside of the trailer into work or hobby space. Keep your work tools, supplies, electrical cords, and equipment organized and easy to find when you need them for work or hobbies.

Moduline ProII Series V-Nose Trailer Cabinet Combinations

Our ProII Series or mobile cabinets fit in any space, including specially designed cabinets to fit inside the V-nose area of an enclosed trailer. We precision craft our cabinets from lightweight military-grade aluminum so they help save on fuel and do not add weight to the trailer.

  • Wall Cabinets – Our wall cabinets add extra storage room to your enclosed trailer. Wall cabinets help add space along the walls without taking up floor space. Our cabinets have latches that stay closed while in transport to ensure the safety of your equipment, tools, parts, and accessories.
  • Base Cabinets – Our base cabinets also provide a useful area to add a countertop to create a workspace. They hold larger car parts, items, and tools during transit.
  • Countertops – Our high-quality countertops come from stainless steel, aluminum, or maple butcher block. Add on top of the base cabinets to provide a comfortable space to work.

Enclosed Trailer Cabinets & Fold Down Bed

We also offer accessories to maximize storage and organization in your enclosed trailer.

Other accessories we offer are drawer liners, LED lights for overhead cabinets and Power Grid™. Our ProII Series V-nose trailer cabinets can fit your work, race, or hobby enclosed trailer. Call us at 1-888-343-4463 to discuss the dimensions of your trailer and we can help you with a free layout consultation.

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