Trailers & Vehicles

Trailers & Vehicles

About Trailer & Vehicle Applications

“Lightweight” is the name of the game when it comes to trailer and vehicle storage. Every pound that goes into your cabinets costs you in gas and cargo capacity. Aluminum cabinets that are also durable enough to handle rough roads can help minimize gross trailer weight and fuel consumption.

Trailers & Vehicles

More Trailer & Vehicle Applications

“Trailer & Vehicles” broadly covers a wide range of uses. Here are just a few examples of trailers & vehicles:

  • Utility vehicles: Store supplies and tools in a cabinet custom-designed to fit your trailer and meet your specifications.
  • Motorsports: Equip your race trailer with professional-looking cabinets and accessories designed specifically for motorsports.
  • Car collectors: Accentuate your most prized vehicles with a beautiful storage system.
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The Top of the Line in Storage

ProII Mobile

Our flagship ProII Mobile has the most variety when it comes to standard cabinet sizes and styles, and is also completely customizable so we can tailor your storage to your exact specifications. Whether you need something unique or just won’t settle for less than the best, ProII Mobile is for you.

  • 8 standard colors, frame finishes, and custom powder coating for unlimited style options.
  • Choose between solid stainless steel, aluminum or butcher block countertops.
  • QuikDraw® patented single action latch system included on all drawers.
  • Base Cabinets available 32” and 36” tall with optional Toe kick riser for easy leveling and a neat appearance.
  • Overhead wall cabinets available with optional lift-up doors and gas springs.
  • Accessorize with LED lighting and light shields, drawer dividers, bench mat and more!
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Our Value Series for Trailers

SportsmanII Series

SportsmanII is our value series designed specifically as a budget conscious option for trailers, fun movers, v-nose storage, box trucks, and other mobile applications. With features like full-length doors that go right to the floor, solid aluminum countertops, and lift-up overhead doors, these cabinets are designed specifically for a mobile environment.

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Moduline SportsmanII™ V-nose trailer cabinet kits
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Designer Look. Professional Performance.

Upfit Series

Our lightweight aluminum storage system for med-to-high roof cargo vans and trailers.

  • Bold colors. Anodized Frames. Clean lines. Your work van doesn’t need to look like a work van.
  • Lightweight Aluminum. Less weight means better fuel economy.
  • QuikDraw® Single-Action Latch System. The most ergonomic latch system you can find.
  • Mix & Match Modules™. Tailoring your storage needs has never been easier.
  • Online ordering made quick and easy with our complete Upfit Series Packages.
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What Sets Moduline Cabinets Apart From the Rest?

Excellent customer service: The team at Moduline will communicate with you throughout the design and construction process and will provide ongoing support after the sale is complete.
American-made products: Moduline cabinets are made with pride and precision in the USA to reduce shipping costs and ensure pristine quality.
Free design service: The experts at Moduline will create sample sketches with computer-aided design (CAD), so you can be sure you’re satisfied with the product before it’s manufactured.
Top-notch quality: When you choose Moduline, you get heavy-duty products with superior craftsmanship and sophisticated designs for a practical storage solution.

Trailers & Vehicles

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