About SportsmanII Series

Our Value Series for Trailers

SportsmanII is our value series designed specifically as a budget conscious option for trailers, fun movers, v-nose storage, box trucks, and other mobile applications.  With features like full-length doors that go right to the floor, aluminum countertops with diamond rubber top, and lift-up overhead doors, SportsmanII cabinets are designed specifically for a mobile environment. SportsmanII cabinets come flat packed, are ready to ship from stock and are easy to order online! Although limited in sizes and colors, this is a great value series.

If you’re looking for more options in cabinet sizes, styles and colors, our ProII Mobile series is completely customizable and built just for you.

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Industries & Applications

Storage for Every Application

Small trailers are popular for their affordability and incredible versatility. Adding SportsmanII Series cabinets and accessories is the easiest way to take a fresh trailer and tailor it for tons of different uses.

  • Motocross
  • Contractors
  • Fun Movers
  • Landscaping
  • Cargo Hauling
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Red Sportsman II series cabinets with workbench on back wall of trailer
V-Nose Enclosed Trailer Aluminum Cabinets
V-Nose Cabinet Kits

Reclaim Wasted Space in Your V-Nose Trailer

V-nose trailers are a popular choice, giving you better gas mileage and a little extra space. But in practice that space is hard to use effectively and often goes to waste. Put that space to work with SportsmanII V-nose Cabinet kits, including face front doors, side fillers, overhead bottom, countertop and the mounting brackets to put everything together. These kits are adjustable to fit a wide range of trailers and so require field-trimming certain parts and proper anchor points.

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A Streamlined Series for Fast, Easy Ordering

Storage Simplified

Not all projects require a tailored layout or have complicated design requirements. Some projects simply call for quality storage with no fuss. SportsmanII Series cabinets and accessories are flat packed and in stock for quick shipping so you can start enjoying your trailer or vehicle sooner. With limited sizes and color options, ordering online is super simple.

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Key Features

Designed for Mobile Applications

Military-Grade Aluminum

Aluminum has a higher strength to weight ratio than steel, but is also lightweight. Lightweight is exactly what you want in a trailer or other mobile application where any extra weight directly impacts your fuel economy. For anything on wheels, aluminum is the clear choice.


QuikDraw® Latch System

Our patented latch system keeps drawers securely closed in transit without the need for a key lock, yet amazingly simple to open with one finger anywhere along the handle. QuikDraw® is whisper quiet and engineered to allow for maximum drawer capacity.


Lift-Up Doors

The gas spring stay allows the overhead cabinet door to stay up and out of the way making the cabinet safer than free-swinging doors. A great hands free option that also sweeps a smaller area when opening.


Solid Aluminum Countertop

Our solid aluminum countertop is extremely durable and lighter than steel making it perfect for a mobile environment. Comes with an integrated backsplash and can be seamless up to 11 feet.


Doors to the Floor

SportsmanII Series base cabinets and closets have doors that extend to the floor without a bottom frame to make it easy to roll away heavy equipment that would be difficult to lift into a traditional cabinet.

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