Product Warranty

Product Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty On All Moduline Cabinets

Congratulations on your purchase of Moduline® cabinets! For over 30 years, Moduline has proudly been manufacturing the best metal garage cabinets and enclosed trailer cabinets available. Originally popular with race car enthusiasts who wanted professional grade cabinets for their garage, shop, or racing trailer, our products quickly caught on with government, the military, and a whole host of other customers that were looking for durable and well crafted products. We continue to maintain our excellent reputation because we only ship products that meet our strict standards for workmanship and quality. That means that we still make our products in the USA and will never compromise our standards for quality. As a result, we feel fully confident in offering our customers a lifetime warranty on our cabinets.

What the Warranty Covers

Moduline’s garage and trailer cabinets are professional grade with a designer appearance and delivered as promised. While all our products do have a designer appearance, their value goes beyond aesthetics. All Moduline products are designed to endure the rigors of real everyday use and work in a demanding environment. Consistent with these promises, Moduline® cabinets are warrantied to the original owner against defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. If a product fails due to a defect we will provide replacement parts, repair the cabinet or replace it, at our discretion. This warranty covers products manufactured by Moduline® on or after August 15, 2013.

What the Period of Coverage Is

Moduline® cabinets are warrantied for the lifetime of the product under the original owner; from the purchase date until the day they are taken out of service. As long as you own the product, it is covered by our warranty.

How to Get Service

If you believe your product may have a defect, please contact us for warranty evaluation at our toll-free number: 888-343-4463. If instructed to return your product for warranty service, please ship the requested enclosed trailer cabinet, modular garage storage cabinets, or another warranty covered cabinet and parts to Moduline or a service depot designated by Moduline. You must pre-pay the return shipping to us and fully insure the shipment. We will not be liable for lost in-bound packages. In some cases, we may choose to ship you a replacement part for your cabinets. If your product is determined not to be defective, you can still get service. We will contact you with the cost to repair and reship the item.

What the Warranty Does Not Cover

This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, misuse, abuse, corrosion, normal wear and tear of moving parts, or the natural fading of colors over extended time and use. This warranty does not cover transportation to the dealer or manufacturer to get warranty service, loss of time, loss of use, or other incidental damages. This warranty does not cover consequential damages (the cost of repairing or replacing other property which is damaged if this product does not work properly). Custom cabinets and items not manufactured by Moduline® are not covered.

How State Law Relates to the Warranty

This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other rights, which vary from state to state. This Limited Lifetime Warranty does not supersede warranty policies for previously purchased products.

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When it comes to our customers’ happiness, we are only satisfied if you are satisfied. If you have any questions about our aluminum cabinets, our warranty service, or just about Moduline in general, feel free to contact us today and one of our skilled staff members will be happy to assist you. Thank you for choosing Moduline as your provider of premier cabinets!

If we change our Warranty, we will post changes on this page.

This policy was last modified on August 15, 2013.

Product Warranty

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