The “Moto Cart”

The “Moto Cart”

We were recently asked to design a cart that would be used by 3D racing to bring to Pro Motocross and Supercross events. They gave us a few ideas and a criteria to work with. The main objective of this cart would be to carry in the trailer with the bikes to the races, then set up in the pits. It is intended to be used between two mechanics, one on each side of the cart. This will allow them to put the cart between two bikes and each mechanic will be able to use their own tools without disrupting each along with giving them a solid work bench to work on. So with the concept in place, it was time to get to work.

The cart is now complete and turned out better than expected, designed with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship that Moduline Cabinets is known for. Made out of high-alloy aluminum, it is light enough to transport but durable enough to work on and last a lifetime.

Although we offer many different cabinet configurations and options for these carts I want to tell you about this one. This has two toolboxes, one on each side of the cart to hold all the tools and parts that you need.  The drawers have drawer liner along with dividers and trays to fit all sizes and types of tools, parts and hardware while keeping them in place. They are also equipped with Moduline’s  QuikDraw®, patented single action latch system that keeps the drawers securely closed but will open with ease with just one finger. This unit also has a keyed lock to keep your tools safe while you are not around. On top of the toolboxes is a Stainless Steel counter top used for a workbench. Above the toolbox is an overhead cabinet with lift up doors to put chemicals and other parts in and also has a keyed lock to keep things from getting stolen. They are spaced high enough above the toolbox so you can still utilize the counter top space.

When out in the pits you will need air for tools or electric and lights.  So you can connect air and electric to single outlets at the bottom of the cart that will supply the carts outlets and lights. Under the overhead cabinets are LED lights that are hidden by light shields. These light up the counter top so you have no problem seeing what you are working on day or night. On each side of the cart is an air fitting to supply you with air and an electrical outlet to plug in your drill or charge your phone. Also on this cart is a paper towel holder to make it easy to clean up a mess.

You will have no problem rolling this cart around; we used heavy duty casters that will lock into place to keep the cart securely in place. On the ends of the cart are 4 d-rings to strap it down in the trailer for safe transport. Like all Moduline products this is backed with our Lifetime warranty and made in many different colors. This cart will be very useful at all type of motorsports and other events.

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