ProII™, what’s in the name?

ProII, what’s in the name?

Moduline PROII Garage cabinet Blog2Moduline ProII cabinets are our flagship product line, but the name isn’t a complex gimmick. The ProII line is an evolution of the best design and craftsmanship available in aluminum cabinetry – and the design has always had the “professional user” in mind. What does that mean? The professional user is a customer that utilizes their cabinets in a daily work environment shared by multiple users under heavy use. Our ProII cabinets are designed for these rigors and endure in these conditions beyond expectation.New SportsmanII Blog3

With the addition of our industry leading QuikDraw® single action patented drawer latch system, ProII is the only aluminum cabinet you’ll ever need. So remember, if a product is truly proven to satisfy the needs of professional users, it will last a lifetime in your garage.

Call us today, and we will help you with a storage cabinet design and layout that will have you organized like a PRO!

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