How Mobile Tool Boxes Can Boost Organization and Worker Productivity

How Mobile Tool Boxes Can Boost Organization and Worker Productivity

Moduline Red Aluminum Mobile Tool Box

Having to search for tools on the job can be frustrating. If a workspace isn’t properly organized, it slows down worker productivity. This can lead to more hours on the job, which makes the cost for projects go up. If you want to improve the efficiency of your workers in your shop, and cut down on costs, see our tips for how to organize your tools where your workers can find them.

Why Organize Your Workplace?

Having a poorly organized shop can lead to disastrous issues and issues that lead to more cost on behalf of the company than needed. Here’s a few scenarios that could happen in a disorganized shop environment:

  • If tools are left in the work space area, and aren’t put away, this can lead to trip and fall accidents for workers, in the worst-case scenario.
  • Tools can also become lost, which would lead to costly replacements of them. Even if a tool is under $50, with several missing, this can add up in cost quickly.
  • If a worker must spend up to 30 minutes searching for a tool to complete a project, the time adds up to more cost to the company, which takes away from revenue.
  • Workers who experience frustration based on a disorganized workspace often develop a negative outlook on the company, which decreases morale for the team.

The Basic Recipe for an Organized Workspace

It’s easy to take control of the work environment and create organization. With the right resources and equipment, organization can quickly happen. Here’s a basic recipe for how to create an organized workspace.

  1. All tools need to have a home. Just like kitchen utensils, all tools must have a drawer or cabinet in which they are placed after use. It’s best to have a single spot for each tool instead of throwing all of them in together. Having a single location for each tool will ensure they are easy to find and use for workers.
  2. Tools need to be located near the workspace. If a tool is located in a cabinet that is on the other side of the room, a worker will frequently have to walk to and from to retrieve it. In order to solve this issue, Moduline Cabinets invented a mobile toolbox that can serve as the “home” for your workers’ tools.
  3. A tool needs to be in the right location so that a worker can find it quickly. If your workers are fixing cars, for example, having accessible tools is necessary to keep productivity up.

A Place for Every Tool

Whether you have small Allen wrenches or large equipment, having a place for every tool improves productivity. Our brains will adapt to organization and habit. Once a tool has a “home” to be in, your workers will adapt, learn and remember that is the spot where that tool is located.

If you’ve ever seen anyone feel lost when a tool wasn’t in the right location, then you know this works because we get in the habit of remembering exactly where the tool is. If it isn’t in the same spot, we don’t know where to look first. Organizing tools is the most important step, but you need something to organize them in.

Mobile Toolboxes

Moduline Mobile Tool Box Stainless Steel Countertop

Moduline Cabinets’ QuikDraw® aluminum mobile tool boxes are the perfect solution to organizing tools in your workspace. Our tool boxes come in 32”, 48” and 60” width with a variety of options for doors and drawers. We also have our patented QuikDraw® single-action latch system that prevents unwanted drawer opening and makes opening drawers easy every time.

Moduline Patented QuikDraw® Mobile Tool Box

The stainless-steel top is just the right place to set out the tools a worker needs for a particular job, making accessing them easy. The mobile tool boxes also feature heavy-duty locking casters to ensure the tool box stays in place.

Moduline Mobile Tool Box Locking Caster Wheels

With our military-grade aluminum and expert craftsmanship, we ensure a tool box that will last the tough shop environment. You also receive our lifetime warranty!

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