Custom Cabinet Spotlight

Custom Cabinet Spotlight

Custom Cabinet Blog2It’s true that Moduline has a cabinet series for almost any application. But sometimes circumstances call for something special. One of the things that sets Moduline apart from other cabinet manufacturers is our ability to design completely custom solutions to real world challenges.Custom Cabinet Blog3

This month we’re highlighting a particularly large workstation. In order to assemble and store bulky engine components the customer needed 48” deep countertops, a 50” wide opening underneath, and drawers to match. The challenge, of course, to making very wide or very deep cabinets (and this is both!) is adequately bracing the large spans without eating up too much of the storage space. Part of how we solved this was by installing heavy-duty braces inside the drawers that also double as dividers. What’s great about this design is how easily it could be adapted in the future to include rearrangeable depth dividers for a more customizable storage option.

In addition to the drawer bracing, all the internal structures got similarly beefed up. Even the drawer slides were upgraded to a monstrous 500lb rating with 42” of extension. The larger drawer can hold over 4 cubic feet of tools!

For a standard storage cabinet configuration or a custom setup, contact us today and let us help with the perfect layout to meet your current storage needs!

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