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Trash/recycling bin

Trash/recycling bin

September 12, 2009

How often have you ordered a product, decided to order more, and found the color didn’t match? This will not happen with Moduline aluminum cabinets! Moduline uses a factory finished, baked enamel material for the panels of our cabinets. Unlike powder coat, which is batch dependent, the color you order today will match the color you may need a month from now. This customer ordered a complete garage cabinet combination. Once he had it installed, he had ugly trash barrels spoiling the appearance. Solution: call Moduline and have them design and build a trash/recycling bin that would blend with his cabinets. In no time at all he had exactly what he wanted. If you have a special requirement that other cabinet manufacturers can’t respond to, or you just want it right the first time, call our toll free number, 888-343-4463 to speak with one of our cabinet professionals. They can find the perfect solution for your storage problems.

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