What's in a Garage? Not a simple question to answer.

What's in a Garage? Not a simple question to answer.


What's in a Garage Not a simple question to answer

This seems like a simple question to answer but is it really? Garages of course are primarily to house the family car or cars. As cars became more common around the turn of the 20th century, people needed a sheltered place to keep and service them. At first, the garage was a retrofitted carriage house when the horse and buggy became relied upon less and less. As car sales increased back in the 1920’s, the need for the garage became more important and so they too increased. Although at the time most garages were a separate structure from the main home, starting in the 1960’s, more and more garages became attached and accessible through the house. The garage, in a way, started to become another room in the home. As home sizes increased over the years, so too did the size of garages but unfortunately for most, they just became bigger areas to store more and more of the things we did not want in the house. They were a dumping ground for our junk. It was OK to have a messy, dirty garage. It was almost expected and to this day still is not frowned upon. It’s just a garage, right?

What we are seeing today however is a change in that general attitude and people are realizing that the garage is probably the most visible room in any home. You don’t have to invite anyone inside in order for them to see it. When the door is open, anyone can see inside just in passing. It can actually say something about you and your lifestyle to people you know as well as people you don’t.

Yes, a clean garage is better than a dirty garage but what about a truly organized garage. We all have clutter, tools and other items that we must keep in the garage but what if we had a place for everything and we kept everything in its place? Cabinets are a perfect solution for this situation. More and more people want their garage clean AND organized. Cabinets allow us to take many of the items we all have and organize them in such a way that we don’t lose or misplace them and also allows us to store them out of sight. This gives our “extra room” a clean, sleek look that is not only organized and functional, but something to be proud of. It actually can enhance our willingness to clean up, be more efficient and just make us feel good.

Today, people are really looking at their garage as another room in the home. Some are turned into family recreation areas, some are hobby workshops, some remain the place we work on our automobiles and some have become a showroom for our creations or collections. Just because it’s called a garage doesn’t mean it has to be just a garage. Whatever you would like to turn your extra room into, do it with pride, do it the best way to suit your needs and do it with style.

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