What to do Before Ordering Your Wall Cabinets

What to do Before Ordering Your Wall Cabinets

Before embarking on any large-scale installation project in your garage, shop or vehicle, many things should be taken into account. This is true for wall cabinetry as well. Here are a couple of things you should do before ordering your wall cabinets:
Measure Your Wall Space

Your worst nightmare would be to purchase a wall cabinet or set of wall cabinets that you think would work perfectly only to find that they don’t fit.. Always take precise measurements including dimensions for doors, windows and any obstructions. Write all the dimensions on a sketch of your workspace and choose cabinets that will fit where you want them to go.
Choose the Best Cabinet Material for You

If your garage is susceptible to inclement weather conditions (which most are), then you are going to want to choose a wall cabinet that has strong weather resistant properties and features. Aluminum storage cabinets prove to be more weather resistant than wood or steel storage cabinets. Also, keep in mind what you will be storing in these cabinets. Aluminum storage cabinets work perfectly for hardware and tools, while wood cabinets typically serve only as proper storage for items inside the house.

Call an expert

Call and review your plans with an expert. Moduline has over 25 years experience in designing cabinet system storage solutions. We can make the most of your space. Whether you’re transforming your garage into a workshop or you just need better storage, we can help.

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