Update Your Laundry Room with New Cabinets

Update Your Laundry Room with New Cabinets

The laundry room, is one of the rooms in which you’ll spend the least amount of time. However, this room also tends to become cluttered and cramped with stuff, making it more difficult to organize and remain efficient. Bottles of laundry detergent, bleaches, softeners, stain removers, baskets, and other things usually clutter the room. Because of the time spent doing laundry, and the clutter, cleaning the room seems impossible.

Adding storage cabinets to the laundry room will give you many benefits. You will be able to use the tops of the cabinets to fold laundry. This flat area works nicely for this purpose. This saves you from back pain and also makes it easy to deposit laundry in each room. When finished, the baskets fit nicely on top.

All of your laundry detergent will find a home inside the cabinets, out of sight and ready for use. There will also be plenty of space to stock up when there are sales. In addition, all cleaning supplies and other products can be placed in the cabinets. This keeps the clutter down to a minimum in the room. Dryer sheets and other small items can be placed in drawers or on shelves.

The best part of having custom cabinets is that you can choose to have both floor and wall cabinets. If there is room, install a full height closet to maximize storage for laundry baskets and more. This gives you the maximum amount of space to put things away. You can also choose the color of the cabinets to match your color scheme. Your best choice for the laundry room is to choose from a variety of durable aluminum cabinets. With aluminum there is no concern about water or moisture damage, rust, corrosion, sagging shelves or deterioration. Standard base cabinet depths are 18″, 24″ and 30″ to give you flexibility in selecting the right size for your room. With modular aluminum cabinets you can mix and match cabinets and have control over what your laundry room ultimately looks like. Call today to learn more organizing tips and find out more about our selection of Moduline quality aluminum cabinets.

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