Thinking Outside the Box…and Inside

Thinking Outside the Box…and Inside

Moduline, USA manufacturer of highly acclaimed modular aluminum cabinet systems loves to think outside the box as well as inside the box when it comes to creating the highest quality storage cabinets and tool boxes on the market. Cabinets are essentially boxes that have doors and or drawers to access your contents stored inside. The best cabinets however are much more than just a place to store your items. The best cabinets take into consideration material, performance, design, usability, size options and many things you may not even think about.

Material– Moduline uses only the best heavy duty high-alloy aluminum for their cabinets. Aluminum has a higher strength to weight ratio than steel and is used in all sorts of high performance products including aircraft, automobiles, bicycles and more. Keeping the cabinets lightweight, Moduline Cabinets do not sacrifice strength. This is another reason they are so widespread in the military and racing industry for trailers and specialty vehicles. When it comes to tool boxes, Moduline Tool Boxes are about ½ the weight of similar sized steel boxes which when you have to move them around a garage can make a huge difference. Oh, and did we mention aluminum does not rust, rot, mold, mildew or deteriorate like other materials such as wood, plastic or steel?

Performance– Moduline cabinets are built to last and have a lifetime warranty to prove it. Using full length piano hinges on the doors for superior strength that won’t lead to sagging over time and full extension ball bearing slides with our patented QuikDraw® Latch System are just two examples of what contributes to the high quality and performance of our cabinets.

Design– just take a look out there and see all the cabinets that are available. Yep, it’s the same ole same ole. Now look at Moduline ProII SERIES Cabinets. Designed as a commercial grade cabinet system for use in almost any environment, they also have a very distinct style that will help make your space stand out. Anodized frames, high gloss finish, solid stainless, aluminum or butcher block tops and chrome finished trigger latches will have everyone asking where you got your cabinets.

Usability and sizes– Moduline cabinets were designed for everyday use. Our cabinets include wall cabinets, closets, base cabinets and tool boxes and they come in so many standard sizes and have so many options that the layout possibilities are almost endless. Even if you need something a bit out of the ordinary, Moduline is well known for creating custom cabinets for very specific needs.

What else? There is a method to the madness so to speak. Each component used in a Moduline cabinet has a purpose. From the flush mounted trigger latch used so you don’t get snagged on the handle, to the anodized frames that would hide any scratches in the area most likely to scratch on a work bench cabinet, Moduline has thought of it all. Even the Adjustable Toe Kick is genius. We don’t use legs which put full weight of a cabinet and its contents to rest on 4 small points of contact. Our Adjustable Toe Kick is designed as a full four sided base for full contact on the ground making them stronger. They are adjustable to make-up for unlevel floors and are recessed in the front so you’re not kicking the cabinet or the base with your shoes while standing there. They also close the bottom of the cabinet system so you never have to sweep out from under and never have to reach under for a dropped part or tool.

The bottom line is you won’t find a better cabinet system and better overall value than Moduline cabinets. They’re not inexpensive but then again, quality never is. Call today or send a quick email. One of our experienced cabinet specialists are happy to help with suggestions, ideas and complimentary design and layout of your cabinet system. We look forward to helping you!

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