Attention: Avoid Cheap Garage Cabinets. Here’s Why

Attention: Avoid Cheap Garage Cabinets. Here’s Why

Moduline Military-Grade Cabinets in Auto Shop

Garage storage cabinets are both desirable and useful. While shelving may be quick and easy to install, there are advantages to storage cabinets. Using metal garage storage cabinets gives your garage a finished look, and, at the same time, keeps tools and supplies organized and out of sight. But how do you know which cabinets are a good investment? There are different types of cabinets that, while they are widely used, have their drawbacks.

1. Particle Board and MDF

Cabinets made from particleboard or MDF, either purchased new or recycled do not last. They often have inexpensive veneer finishes and are generally not only prone to splitting and chipping, buckle or warp when they are used to store heavier items.

2. Plastic Cabinets

Cabinets made of plastic are one of the most affordable options available in cabinets. At first glance, they are attractive and can offer the claim to be rust and rot free. While they are useful for lightweight items, plastic cabinets cannot support heavier items.

3. Is There Another Choice?

Red Moduline Military-Grade Cabinets in Garage

If you want to securely and safely store your tools and supplies, consider using military-grade aluminum cabinets. Many garage owners have used less expensive cabinets and lose their initial investment when these cabinets fail and need to be replaced. Moduline Cabinets are built to last. They are professional-grade and provide you with the storage you need.

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