V-Nose Cabinet Kits

V-Nose Cabinet Kits

SportsmanII V-Nose Kits

Reclaim Your Wasted Space

V-Nose trailers are a popular, versatile alternative to traditional flat front trailers. Besides improved aerodynamics on the road and better weight distribution, V-nose trailers simply provide more space for hauling. They’re the go-to choice for anyone who needs to cheaply transport motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, cars or just general cargo.

The main issue with V-nose trailers is that the extra space in the “V” can be awkward to fill efficiently. The angled geometry makes traditional modular cabinets a less-than-ideal choice.

Moduline V-Nose Kits are the best solution for reclaiming that wasted space. Our V-nose kits are an adjustable system that conforms to the imprecise construction of typical trailers and turns the entire “V” into functional storage!

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Sportsman II™ Aluminum V-Nose Trailer Cabinet Combination SPTC007-140
Key Features

Designed for Mobile Applications

Lightweight Aluminum

Aluminum has a higher strength to weight ratio than steel, but is also lightweight. Lightweight is exactly what you want in a trailer or other mobile application where any extra weight directly impacts your fuel economy. For anything on wheels, aluminum is the clear choice.

Solid Aluminum Countertop

QuikDraw® Latch System

Our patented latch system keeps drawers securely closed in transit without the need for a key lock, yet amazingly simple to open with one finger anywhere along the handle. QuikDraw® is whisper quiet and engineered to allow for maximum drawer capacity.

QuikDraw® Single Action Latch System Pat # 9,149,177

Lift-Up Overhead Doors

The gas spring stay allows the overhead cabinet door to stay up and out of the way making the cabinet safer than free-swinging doors. A great hands free option that also sweeps a smaller area when opening.

V-Nose Cabinet Kits

Doors to the Floor

SportsmanII Series base cabinets and closets have doors that extend to the floor without a bottom frame to make it easy to roll away heavy equipment that would be difficult to lift into a traditional cabinet.

V-Nose Cabinet Kits
V-Nose Cabinet Kits
Easy & Adjustable Assembly

What Do We Mean By “Kit”

Instead of a modular cabinet design, like our ProII Series, SportsmanII V-Nose Kits are adjustable components designed to fit most any trailer dimensions. Filler sections expand to fill the space wall-to-wall, and a trimmable countertop and overhead bottom let you fit them perfectly to your trailer geometry. That flexibility creates a little extra work during installation, but the results are well worth the effort.

When you “open the box”, you’ll find face front doors, rather than fully enclosed cabinets, field-cuttable supports, and some mounting bracketry. You’ll position the doors as far forward or back as you need to find suitable mounting locations, assemble the overhead support structure, and mount angles to the wall to support the countertop and overhead bottom. Then you’ll need to create templates to accurately trim the aluminum countertop and overhead bottom to match your trailer angle.

For more information, see our installation guide.

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A Budget-Friendly Option

Counter Tops: Aluminum vs Wood?

Plywood is a budget-friendly and easier-to-install alternative to an aluminum countertop. While not as premium looking, there are some stark benefits you may want to consider.

  • Cheaper Material – Wood is simply cheaper than aluminum. If you’re looking to reduce the overall price, this is a great place to start.
  • Save on Shipping – A one-piece aluminum countertop requires an oversized skid for shipping, which is significantly more costly.
  • Easier to Trim – Fitting the countertop perfectly to your wall requires accurate trimming. Wood is an easier material to cut and sand down to fit without special tools.
V-Nose Cabinet Kits

Easy Online Ordering

Moduline V-Nose Kits are available to buy through our online store. Simply find the kit that matches your trailer width and depth dimensions. We offer the overhead and base sections separately, as well as complete kits that combine the two for easy ordering.