SportsmanII Aluminum Trailer Cabinet Combination 72"-to-88" Wide, by Max. Depth 44″ V-Nose #SPTC007-140


SportsmanII Aluminum Trailer Cabinet Combination 72″-to-88″ Wide, by Max. Depth 44″ V-Nose

Dimensions 72"-to-88"W X 44"D
Product SKU SPTC007-140
Variations Color
  • Width – Adjustable from 72″-to-88″
  • Depth – Up to 44″
  • Combination Includes – 
    • (1) V-Nose Base Kit #SP36V4480DU
      • (1) #SP362424DU-05A 36″ H x 24″D x 24″W Drawer Cabinet
      • (2) 24″ Wide Base Front Faces
      • Square-Cut Aluminum Countertop with Front Flange
      • Separate Backsplash
      • Mounting Brackets, Filler Sections & Assembly Hardware
    • (1) V-Nose Overhead Kit #SP18V4480
      • (2) 32″ Wide Overhead Front Faces
      • Lift-Up Doors with Gas Spring
      • Square-Cut Aluminum Bottom
      • Mounting Brackets, Filler Sections & Assembly Hardware
  • Countertop and Overhead Bottom must be cut down to fit v-nose angle.
  • All drawers feature QuikDraw® Single Action Latch System (Pat #9,149,117)
  • Cabinets are made from military-grade Aluminum with a high gloss finish.
  • Solid Aluminum Countertop, with back and side splash guards.
  • Overhead Cabinets include lift-up doors with gas springs for ease of use.
  • Easy Ship Program
  • Drawer Cabinets (Fully Assembled)
  • Modular Design for Unlimited Combinations
  • White with Light Gray Frames
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Lightweight aluminum keeps the weight down to reduce GVW.
  • Easy to install with common tools.
  • Doors available with either left-hand or right-hand swing on Base Cabinets.
  • Doors are double-wall construction, with inner-hat-bracing for maximum strength and rigidity. Doors are manufactured using .063″ thick military-grade aluminum outside and .040″ thick military-grade aluminum on inner panels. Full-length continuous aluminum hinges provide complete support to the door structure.
  • Open bottom front frame on Base Cabinets for ease of sliding heavy objects in and out.
  • CAD and CNC assure precision cabinets providing a perfect fit.
  • Highly resistant to mold, mildew, corrosion, discoloration and fingerprints.
  • Will not attract dust and will not cause static shock, unlike plastic or resin.
  • Completely hypoallergenic: Moduline Aluminum Storage Cabinets are constructed from materials that minimize the possibility of allergic response.

Low-profile trigger latches keep doors securely closed and have a textured chrome finish that looks great. Latches are spring-loaded providing a built-in handle when unlatched. (locking latches available)

SportsmanII™ Aluminum Trailer Cabinet Combination 72"-to-88" Wide, by Max. Depth 44″ V-Nose #SPTC007-140

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