Moduline Extreme Liner™


Moduline Extreme Liner

Dimensions 20.8″W X 1/8″ thick
Variations Drawer Liner Amount
  • Available in 20.8″ Width
  • Purchase Drawer Liner by the foot, minimum purchase 10 feet.
  • Non slip PVC-coated polyester holds tools in place.
  • Solid material (not mesh) black in color
  • 20.8″ wide X 1/8″ thick
  • The 20.8″ width fits a drawer in a 24″ deep Moduline Tool Box or Drawer Unit
  • Easy to trim for a perfect fit in smaller drawers.
  • Protect tools from scratching and marring.
  • Works on any drawers or shelves.
  • Works great on shelves to cushion fragile items.
  • The best tool box drawer liner available!
Moduline Extreme Liner™

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