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SportsmanII Aluminum Trailer Cabinet Combination 6′-0″ To 7′-0″ Wide, by Max. Depth 44″ V-Nose #SPTC007-140

Sportsman II™ Aluminum Trailer Cabinet Combination 6'-7' Wide, Up To 44" Deep V-Nose #SPTC007-140

SportsmanII Aluminum Trailer Cabinet Combination 6′-0″ To 7′-0″ Wide, by Max. Depth 44″ V-Nose #SPTC007-140


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Adjustable from 72” to 85” Wide & Up to 44” DeepCombination Includes:
(1) V-Nose Base Kit #SP36V4480DU   ($1845.00)
•             (1) #SP362424DU-05A 36″ H x 24″D x 24″W Drawer Cabinet
•             (2) 24″ Wide Base Front Faces
•             Square-Cut Aluminum Countertop with Front Flange
•             Separate Backsplash
•             Mounting Brackets, Filler Sections & Assembly Hardware
(1) V-Nose Overhead Kit #SP18V4480   ($935.00)
•             (2) 32″ Wide Overhead Front Faces
•             Lift-Up Doors with Gas Spring
•             Square-Cut Aluminum Bottom
•             Mounting Brackets, Filler Sections & Assembly Hardware
Customer must cut the Countertop and Overhead bottom to fit the V-Nose angle. For an additional charge, Moduline can cut them to a template (template by customer)
Cut Countertop or Bottom         +$200.00
Cut Countertop and Bottom      +$300.00


  • All drawers featureQuickDraw® Text LogoSingle Action Latch System (Pat #9,149,117)
  • Cabinets are made from Military Grade Aluminum with high gloss finish.
  • Solid 1/8″ Aluminum Countertop, with back and side splash guards.
  • Overhead Cabinets include lift up doors with gas springs for ease of use.
  • Easy Ship Program
  • Drawer Cabinets (Fully Assembled)
  • Modular Design for Unlimited Combinations
  • Available in Red or White, with Light Gray Frames
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Lightweight aluminum keeps the weight down to reduce GVW.
  • Easy to install with common tools.
  • Doors available with either left-hand or right-hand swing on Base Cabinets.
  • Doors are double wall construction, with inner-hat-bracing for maximum strength and rigidity. Doors are manufactured using .063″ thick high alloy aluminum outside and .040″ thick high alloy aluminum on inner panels. Full length continuous aluminum hinges provide complete support to the door structure.
  • Open bottom front frame on Base Cabinets for ease of sliding heavy objects in and out.
  • CAD and CNC assure precision cabinets providing a perfect fit.
  • Highly resistant to mold, mildew, corrosion, discoloration and fingerprints.
  • Will not attract dust and will not cause static shock unlike plastic or resin.
  • Completely hypoallergenic: Moduline Aluminum Storage Cabinets are constructed from materials that minimize the possibility of allergic response.
  • Low profile trigger latches keep doors securely closed and have a textured chrome finish that looks great. Latches are spring loaded providing a built in handle when unlatched. (locking latches available)
  • Aluminum Drawer Dividers


    • Keeps parts, tools or hardware separated and organized
    • Fits drawer cabinets, toolboxes and tool carts
    • Each drawer includes 6 separators that can be rearranged for any size parts
    • Additional separators can be ordered for even more customization
    • Made from high-alloy aluminum
  • Plastic Drawer Bins


    • Perfect for organizing small parts and hardware
    • Available in setups for small, medium and large parts
    • Rearrange them to suit your needs
    • High impact polystyrene (HIPS)
  • Under Cabinet Light Shields


    • The perfect finishing touch to your Moduline cabinet system
    • Great for eliminating glare and helping direct under cabinet lights to the work surface
    • Manufactured from premium high-alloy aluminum with high gloss clear anodized finish
    • Works with and perfectly conceals our available LED lighting system
    • Easily installs under Moduline overhead cabinets with included hardware
    • Light shield returns available for closing open ends to achieve a finished appearance
  • LED Lighting


    • LED work lights easily install under overhead cabinets
    • Powerful LED modules brighten up the work surface
    • Safe: stays cool to the touch
    • Efficient: Low power draw
    • Manufactured by International Light Technologies
  • Moduline Extreme Liner™


    • Non-slip, PVC-coated polyester holds tools in place
    • Solid material (not mesh) black in color
    • 20.8″ wide X 1/8″ thick
    • The 20.8″ width fits a drawer in a 24″ deep Moduline Tool Box or Drawer Unit
    • Protects tools from scratching and marring
    • Works on any drawers or shelves
    • Easy to trim for a perfect fit
    • Works great on shelves to cushion fragile items
  • Optional Power Grid


    • A perfect and convenient way to incorporate electrical, air and USB into your cabinet system
    • Beautiful brushed stainless steel finish goes well with any of our bench top materials
    • Power grid system has pre-punched access holes for easy wiring from the wall
    • Available in three different lengths that can be combined to fit your counter length
    • End caps create a clean finished appearance
  • Oil and chemical resistant Workbench Mat


    • Perfect way to protect your countertop, tools and parts
    • Shock absorbent
    • Resists oil, grease and many common chemicals
    • Diamond tread pattern prevents slippage
    • Cuts easily to fit any size workbench (up to 36” deep)

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