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A New Blue Storage Cabinet

A New Blue Storage Cabinet

June 21, 2014

A New Blue Storage Cabinet

Moduline is very pleased to introduce a new blue color for our aluminum cabinets. The new color is called Moduline Blue! Our traditional blue cabinet color which has been offered for many years has started to become one of our best sellers. Many times, however, we are asked, “Do you also have a darker blue?” Well, now we can say, “Yes, and as a standard color.” This new darker blue is already becoming popular after just a week in our offering. We’ve always offered this blue as a custom color, which you will see in some of our photo gallery pictures. We felt it was time to make it a standard color and give people more options. Both blue cabinet colors are great and each will have a place in the Moduline Aluminum Cabinet line-up to make sure our customers have yet another choice in color to get organized with style.

For more information about the many popular cabinet color choices and for help with design layout and cabinet choice, call toll free 888-343-4463. We offer a full-service, customer service team that will take a personal interest in your project and help you understand your options.

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