Tips for Choosing the Best Storage Solutions for Your Garage

Tips for Choosing the Best Storage Solutions for Your Garage

Garage storage is a sticking point for many homeowners. The garage is often the last area to be cleaned and the first to become messy. In some households, the garage seems like a black hole that becomes an accumulation of things with no home. This is the main reason why you need some sort of storage solution for your garage.

1. Storage cabinets are a must for an organized garage. You need a place to store tools, cleaning products, and other odds and ends. Having nice cabinets out in the garage is the perfect solution.

2. Consider closets for extra storage space. Combining hanging rods or adjustable shelves in your closets offer the most storage space without sacrificing much floor space. Closets are great for storing out of season clothes, seasonal decorations and so much more.

3. The Moduline Space Saver™ sliding door garage storage cabinets mounted on the side of the garage provides the perfect place to safely and easily store rakes, shovels, brooms and other tools, even fishing rods. The sliding door allows you to easily access these items even when the vehicle is parked inside.

4. A parts bin cabinet with included storage bins is great for storing all the nuts and bolts you need. Use the bins instead of cardboard boxes or jars to keep everything safe and in good condition.

5. Base cabinets provide plenty of storage space below and create a garage workbench on top. You have the choice of aluminum, stainless steel, or butcher block to top-off your base cabinets.

6. Use a rolling mobile toolbox to put tools in. This keeps them in a safe organized place and allows you to move your tools to the job without having to walk back and forth. Just placing tools on shelves or in cabinets can lead to a cluttered garage. Moduline mobile tool boxes, tool chests and drawer cabinets now include our patent-pending technology; the QuikDraw® Single Action Latch System making the opening and closing of drawers a breeze.

When you do organize your garage with a cabinet system you should only have to do it once. Moduline cabinets and tool chests are professional grade, and come with a lifetime warranty. They are rugged and used by the military, automotive shops and dealerships to name just a few. Call us today, and we will help you with a design and layout that will have you organized with style!

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