Organize Your Garage with These 2 Heavy Duty Cabinets

Organize Your Garage with These 2 Heavy Duty Cabinets

Organize Your Garage with These 2 Heavy Duty Cabinets

It’s critical to do everything you can to keep your garage tidy. A chaotic garage can be a headache to navigate. It can also make finding the things you own difficult and time-consuming. Heavy duty garage cabinets can do a lot for daily convenience to store and organize things in your garage.

Cabinets that Last a Lifetime

Moduline Cabinets are built to last. They are made with military-grade aluminum, which provides long-lasting durability and wear resistance. Our cabinets sit on full frames. We use heavy-duty internal gussets. They are precision-engineered to last a lifetime, which is why we guarantee they will.

In addition, our doors are double walled with internal bracing. They also come with full-length piano hinge for extra rigidity. There are no particleboard substrates in our countertops as these are made from solid metal.

Our Garage and Shop Moduline Cabinets Line

ProII – This is our flagship line of military-grade aluminum cabinets. They are available in a variety of standard sizes and can be customized to any design requirement. No matter the size of your space, we can customize a ProII to fit. We also have this series in a variety of colors, including Signature Black, Red, Moduline Blue, Yellow, White, Light Gray and Royal Blue.

Select – Our budget-friendly line of military-grade aluminum cabinets is perfect for any garage or shop use. This series of cabinets comes in pre-designed combinations for you to choose from. They feature soft-close European hinges, lift-up overhead doors with gas springs, color-matched frames, and toolboxes.

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