Moduline Cabinets Announces New Line Of Aluminum Tool Boxes

Moduline Cabinets Announces New Line Of Aluminum Tool Boxes

Summary: Moduline Cabinets announces the expansion of their line of aluminum mobile tool boxes to be available in 48” and 60” width.

Body: Brockton, MA – Moduline Cabinets announces the expansion of their line of aluminum mobile tool boxes that are now available in 48” and 60” width. The lightweight, aluminum cabinets are available in three styles to choose from and include full-length top drawer, assorted drawers, and an option for the third style. These style options include: two extra-deep drawers, a single door, or double doors.

Each of the mobile tool boxes features Moduline Cabinets’ patented QuikDraw® single-action latch system that serves in three ways. QuikDraw® provides safety to keep drawers securely closed, especially in transport, innovation to allow for full drawer capacity, and an easy-to-use feature with a smooth, one-finger operation.

Moduline Aluminum Cabinets releases the new mobile tool box line just in time for the holidays. Their staff of expert consultants are available to help select the right width and color tool box. Tool boxes are matched with colors that are used in Moduline’s custom garage cabinets.

“Customers started asking us for more space for their long tools. They wanted a wider version of our standard 32” aluminum mobile tool boxes,” said Paul Gill, President of Moduline Aluminum Cabinets. “So we developed our Big Drawer Series. Not only does the drawer come in 48” wide, it also comes in a 60” wide version. Another key feature is the slide supports under the drawer for extra weight capacity. The Big Drawer is also available in our built-in series.”

The new line of aluminum mobile tool boxes come equipped with a stainless-steel countertop and heavy-duty shock-absorbing, locking casters. They are lightweight and easy to transport in vehicles and trailers. They roll smoothly for easy tool and part access when on the job or in the shop.

Moduline Aluminum Cabinets’ mobile tool boxes arrive completely assembled with extra rigid and integrated aluminum frames. They feature double reinforced corners and top bracing that provides maximum strength with the ability to mount a vice onto the countertop.

The aluminum garage cabinets and tool boxes are resistant to mold, mildew, corrosion, discoloration and fingerprints. In addition, they do not cause static shock, nor do they attract dust.

Moduline Cabinets guarantees their aluminum mobile tool boxes with a full lifetime warranty. They are offering a special introductory rate for a limited time only. Contact Moduline Cabinets’ Cabinet Specialists by visiting or calling 888-343-4463

About Moduline Cabinets:

Moduline Cabinets is a premier designer and manufacturer of quality, American-made modular aluminum storage cabinets. Applications include residential homes and garages, vehicles, trailers, commercial and industrial shops, and car dealerships. Moduline Cabinets provides high-quality aluminum cabinet solutions for car enthusiasts and professionals for over 25 years. Our designer appearance enhances garages and shops, and our cabinets stand up against the daily rigors of any environment.


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