Transform Your Garage With These Top Renovation Ideas

Transform Your Garage With These Top Renovation Ideas

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The garage is undoubtedly the most underutilized space in most homes. With so much storage potential, why simply let it go to waste? Instead, consider the following garage makeover ideas to transform your garage into the space of your dreams and maximize your square footage with storage solutions.

1. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Repainting your garage is an excellent way to refresh the space on any budget. Whether you have drywall in your garage or cinderblock, choosing a color that complements your home can transform the area. You should coordinate the color of your walls and cabinets to give your space a cohesive aesthetic. Moduline cabinets come in a wide variety of standard cabinet and frame colors and can be powder coated in custom colors to fit any interior design.

2. Upgrade Your Lighting

Many garages have low-grade lighting that makes the space feel dingy. Upgrading your lightbulbs and fixtures can make your garage feel brighter and more enjoyable to be in. Choosing the correct lighting in your garage is important to all types of remodels, whether you want a living or working space. Integrating under-cabinet lighting is a great way to illuminate your countertop workspace beyond what you get from ambient lighting, which is important for tasks with small or low-contrast objects.

3. Replace the Flooring

A basic concrete floor is the most common type of garage flooring you’re likely to encounter in the average home garage. Depending on what kind of durability you need and appearance you like, you can also explore epoxy, rubber tile or vinyl flooring options. Regardless of how you finish your floor for your garage remodel, you’ll want to check for, and possibly adjust, how level the floor is. A level floor will make your life a lot easier when it comes time to install cabinets by reducing the number of adjustments needed to ensure a level work surface.

4. Install Storage Solutions

Whether you convert your garage into a workshop or a simple place to house your cars, yard tools and holiday decorations, choosing the proper storage solution is essential for making the most of your space. 

declutter and stay organized

Small garages might feel like they won’t hold much, but strategically chosen cabinets and drawers can help you pack a surprising amount of belongings and equipment into a small area. By choosing the right types of storage, such as rolling toolboxes, you can declutter and stay organized so you never need to search the entire garage to find what you need.

Moduline Cabinets offers a range of custom cabinet solutions to help you complete your garage storage makeover. Our cabinet experts can help you design a cabinet layout that meets your storage requirements and fits your budget — all with colors that accentuate your space.

Renovate Your Garage to Match Your Needs

When renovating, consider what you’ll be using your garage for, then select different types of cabinets and arrange them in a way that complements your ideal workflow. For example, storing yard tools may require fewer, larger closets to accommodate tools with long handles or bulky lawnmower accessories, while a workshop will need more countertop space, drawers for tools and could integrate a rolling toolbox to have a work surface anywhere in the garage.

Choosing a cabinet system that offers lots of customization opportunities will give you more flexibility to design a cabinet layout that perfectly satisfies your needs.

Build Your Dream Workshop

If you’re a car enthusiast who enjoys working on your vehicles, you’re going to want a garage designed to organize your tools and give you space to tinker. The shop of your dreams isn’t hard to achieve with the right cabinet system. Moduline cabinets can even be customized to match your vehicle or favorite brand colors.

Create an Entertainment Space

The location of your garage also makes it the perfect space to entertain guests. Simply fill the space with a few cozy essentials, such as in-home flooring, a large screen television, couches and maybe even a bar area, and you have all the makings of a great hotspot to invite friends and family to enjoy the big game. And don’t forget the appetizers.

Turn Your Garage into a Home Gym

A garage remodel provides the ideal opportunity to add a workout room to your home, which also helps save on costly gym memberships. Simply tailor your workout space to include your favorite gym equipment, music player and TV, and you have all the necessities needed to make your at-home workouts exciting! Storage for towels, weights and other exercise equipment can help keep your home gym safe by getting tripping hazards out of the way.

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Renovate Your Garage With Moduline Cabinets

With the right upgrades, you can turn your garage into the perfect space. Create custom storage solutions and transform your renovated garage with Moduline Cabinets. Our durable, attractive designs make an excellent addition to any renovation project, from workshops to art studios. Ready to get organized and reclaim your wasted space? Moduline’s cabinet designers will work with you to create the ideal storage solution for your garage. Explore our cabinet systems to get started today.