Appeal to Authority

Appeal to Authority

It’s common among consumers to base their purchase decisions on what other people whom they respect recommend. For example, if your buddy is a pick-up truck enthusiast and is always up on the latest products and reviews, you’re likely to ask him for advice when you find yourself in the market for a new truck. A more compelling example is when we shop for performance products of any kind and our purchases are inspired by what we see professionals from that industry using. Simply put, we respect the educated opinions and choices of others, which often influences what we buy – because we know that if a product becomes the endorsed choice of professionals, it’s no doubt good for us.

Many of our customers are unaware of the breadth and diversity of end-users that choose Moduline Aluminum Cabinets and recommend them to their peers. Case in point, Moduline has become well known via word-of-mouth among fire departments and is rapidly becoming the cabinets of choice for new construction, renovations and emergency response vehicles. Talk about rigors, there are few environments where equipment is so key to the job and utilized by multiple users under extreme conditions.

We are proud that Moduline has become a sought after choice of firefighting professionals – and we dare say, a good inspiration for considering Moduline cabinets for your application.

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