ProII Aluminum Wall Cabinet 18"H X 11"D X 24"W


Aluminum Overhead Wall Cabinets 18” High x 11” Deep x 24” Wide. Storage Cabinet Systems For Trailers, Vehicles, Garages, and Shops.

Dimensions 18"H X 11"D X 24"W
Product SKU 181124
Variations Color

Adjustable Shelf

Locking Latch

Cabinet Back

  • Modular and easy to install. Moduline aluminum wall storage cabinets are completely assembled modular units and install easily with simple tools. With the modular design, unlimited combinations can be created from our standard sizes. Custom sizes are also available.
  • Front frames are clear anodized and sealed aluminum for good looks and durability.
  • Extra rigid integrated aluminum frames with double reinforced corners and precision hardware (no welds to crack).
  • An adjustable shelf system allows shelves to be adjusted in 2-1/4″ increments from top to bottom (shelves sold separately).
  • Manufactured from premium high alloy aluminum with a high gloss finish.
  • Doors are double-wall construction, with inner-hat-bracing for maximum strength and rigidity. Doors are manufactured using .063″ thick high alloy aluminum outside and .040″ thick aluminum on inner panels. Full-length continuous aluminum hinges provide complete support to the door structure.
  • Single door cabinets are available with either left-hand or right-hand swing.
  • CAD and CNC assure precision cabinets providing a perfect fit.
  • Highly resistant to mold, mildew, corrosion, discoloration, and fingerprints.
  • It will not attract dust and will not cause static shock, unlike plastic or resin.
  • Completely hypoallergenic: Moduline Aluminum Wall Storage Cabinets are constructed from materials that minimize the possibility of allergic response.
  • Low-profile trigger latches keep doors securely closed and have a textured chrome finish that looks great. Latches are spring-loaded providing a built-in handle when unlatched. Latch guards protect the mechanism on the inside of the door (locking latches available).
  • Lifetime Warranty
ProII™ Aluminum Wall Cabinet 18"H X 11"D X 24"W

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