ProII Garage Cabinet Combination 14' Wide PGC014-02X


ProII Garage Cabinet Combination 14 Foot Wide #PGC014-02X

Dimensions 85" High x 24" Deep x 14' Wide
Product SKU PGC014-02X
Variations Countertop and Color

Available colors:
Signature Black
Textured Black
Moduline Blue
Textured Gray
Light Gray
Royal Blue

  • Cabinets included:
    • Four 36” Base Cabinet (402436)
    • One 24” Closet (852424)
    • Four 36” Wall Cabinet (241536)
    • One 144” Countertop (2 pieces)
  • Military-Grade Aluminum
  • Easy-Leveling Toe Kick Riser
    • Adjustable to compensate for uneven floors and walls.
    • Stand comfortably at your bench with more foot space.
    • Continuous contact with the floor for a neat appearance.
    • Shims are inserted out of sight, between the toe kick and cabinet.
    • Available in 2″ and 4″ heights.
Moduline Toe Kick Feature
  • Double-Wall Door Construction
  • Adjustable Shelf System
  • Trigger Latch
  • Continuous Aluminum Hinge
  • High-Gloss Finish
  • Lifetime Warranty
ProII™ Garage Cabinet Combination 14' Wide PGC014-02X

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