Customer Testimonials

Moduline Cabinets has made a name for itself with premium aluminum cabinets that are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Helping people organize their garages and racing trailers for over 30 years means that we receive lots of positive feedback from customers that live and work with our products. Paired with our exceptional customer service, it’s not an accident that our high quality cabinets exceed the high standards of our discerning client base. Below is a sample of what our customers say about our efforts.

Moduline Equipment Trailer Cabinets
November 16, 2016

I just finished a tradeshow displaying our equipment in the trailer we built that has your cabinets installed. I think we got just as many compliments on your cabinets as we did on our equipment. Anyhow one of my customers took the brochure you sent me. Is it possible for you to send me a few catalogs to hand out when we do these shows and one for myself? Any questions feel free to contact me.

Chris A.
October 15, 2016

The tool cabinet is here and in great shape. I can't wait for Bruce to see it. I cannot express my thanks for what you guy's have done. The cabinet looks AWESOME!!! Please share this with all of your folks who worked hard to make this possible by this date. I will certainly be recognizing Moduline within our ranks here and the super job you have done. Looking forward to our sales group seeing it in February and kicking off the production.

Thanks a Million!!!!

Lanny-Moduline Custom Tool Cabinet
Clinton Aluminum Truck Cabinets
July 14, 2016

When I first received the cabinets to be installed in the food truck that I just completed building for our local food mission for feeding the needy and the homeless, I was impressed with the design and quality. But not half as impressed as I was after the cabinets were installed and I saw how good-looking and strong they are in the truck! My customer liked them so much that she had me order another one to be installed in the back corner of the truck. I have attached a photo of the interior of the truck. Feel free to use it in any way you wish and keep up the good work!

Clinton S.
May 3, 2016

The cabinets are installed and they are absolutely gorgeous. Very nice. Thanks. Again, these cabinets are really top shelf. We are very happy with them.

F. Burr
Burr Garage Cabinets
Randy Garage Cabinets
February 15, 2016

Just a rough photo of the finished shop. LOOK AT ME !!!!!!!!

Very Happy.

Moduline is a class act.

January 6, 2016

I wanted to send you a few photos of my Moduline installation...I'm glad I went with Moduline, the quality, fit and finish is outstanding. Thanks again for your service and help in choosing my cabinets. Looking forward to ordering more as my needs grow.

S. Danik
Danik Moduline Garage Cabinets
Dad's Moduline Garage Cabinets
December 9, 2015

I recently purchased your Moduline cabinets in the Spring and absolutely love the quality of your product.

Gregg D
October 7, 2015

I just received my cabinet order, and I must say am pleasantly surprised, the delivery time was very fast, but the real treat was when I got them unwrapped. The fit and finish is outstanding, went up with ease, and very sturdy. The Folding work bench is great, easy to operate, nice positive locking in closed position, and folds out of the way when loading the car. The staff I dealt with when ordering was very courteous, and helped me thru the process. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I will recommend your company to all my friends. Thanks again.

A. Mears - Race Car Trailer
AMears Aluminum Trailer Cabinets