How To Give Your Garage A Design Lift

How To Give Your Garage A Design Lift

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There’s no reason for your garage to have that garage look or feel. You can make your garage look interesting simply by adding some nice garage cabinets. While you are at it make your garage come to life with color. But what color cabinets should you choose? Follow these tips and you’ll find the perfect color for your garage cabinets.

Determine the Look

Go out to the garage and look at the style. Choose your colors according to the style of your garage. traditional cabinet designs look best with a traditional garage. White or black are two of the most traditional and yet contemporary choices for color.

For more modern cabinets, bright colors like blue, red, or yellow offer a sleek appeal.

If you’re looking to make your garage into your special man cave, a space where you can chill with your friends, watch the game and maybe even play pool, then you need to create an organized space where your friends will feel comfortable when they come over. Why not choose colors that match your favorite football, basketball or soccer team?

Choose a Theme

The easiest way to choose your garage cabinets is to first decide on the theme you want to use to design your garage. For instance, if you enjoy model cars, or even if you just enjoy looking at cars, you may want to design your garage with a car theme.

Many of our customers that own Porsches, Ferraris, Mustangs, and other cars choose cabinets that match or compliment their car’s color. Some decorate their garage to reflect the Porsche or Ferrari brand colors.

On the other hand, if you enjoy sports, you can add your favorite team’s decor. At any rate, we recommend that you design your garage based on what you intend to use it for.

The Cabinet Solution

The ProII cabinets are easily customizable. You can choose cabinets in different colors and styles or with different components to build a custom garage system. These metal garage cabinets are made with military-grade aluminum and include toolboxes to meet your needs for organizing all of your tools, paint and other garage items.

These cabinets come in these colors:

  • Moduline Blue
  • Red
  • Royal Blue
  • Light Grey
  • Yellow
  • Signature black
  • White
  • Custom colors also available upon request

Our cabinet systems come at an affordable cost and we can help you combine the system to match your needs.

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