Latest Developments

Latest Developments

Latest Developments

The Newest Innovations from Moduline Cabinets

At Moduline we’re always looking for ways to innovate and incorporate more features and new accessories to our already top-of-the-line products.

Check back here to learn about the newest products and accessories released by Moduline Cabinets. Not all of these are listed in our standard price lists, so call or email to ask about how you can add these to your next project!

Latest Developments
Wall cabinet mounted with angled wall brackets in a van

Angled Wall Mounting Brackets for Vans

Angled wall mounting brackets are the easy way to add overhead cabinets to any van or other space with sloped walls, without the need for blocking! These adjustable brackets attach to the sides of any Moduline overhead cabinet and lock in at 1.5 degree increments for easy leveling. The brackets feature various pre-punched slots and holes for easy mounting.

Power Grid™ Countertop Wireway

Power Grid™ brings convenient electrical outlet access to your countertop. Stop searching for a place to plug in your power tools. Loose cords can create a tripping hazard and catch on corners or objects and pull them dangerously to the floor. Get the cords off the floor without piping electrical across your concrete garage wall.

Power Grid™ features an aluminum wireway with stainless steel covers that have pre-punched holes for installing duplex, USB, or combination outlets. Attached to your wall or countertop.

Power grid electrical wireway system with cordless drill battery plugged in to outlet
Aluminum workbench with low shelf, 5 drawers and vice
Custom Workbenches

Heavy Duty Workbench

Moduline workbenches built to last with a heavy duty frame made from 1/8″ thick aluminum formed for maximum strength. Our stainless steel countertops are made of solid metal – no substrate – with a brushed #4 finish. The large bottom shelf is adjustable to fit your storage needs and reinforces the legs for additional rigidity. Add under-counter drawers to your specifications or pre-punched mounting holes to mount your vice.

Low Profile Storage

Wheel Well Cabinet

Make use of every inch of your trailer with wall-mounted Wheel Well cabinets. Great for narrower trailers, these all-white cabinets are super low profile at only 8″ deep; Enough space for meaningful, practical storage without eating up your trailer width. Wheel Well cabinets come with (2) adjustable shelves and more can be ordered separately for additional customization.

White double door wheel well cabinet in an enclosed trailer
Quikdraw latch system in use, opening with one finger
The Best Drawer Latch You Can Find

QuikDraw® Patented Latch System

QuikDraw® single-action latch system is a patented design. The dual-latch mechanism located at both ends of the handle offers many benefits over other closures:

  • Innovative, patented design doesn’t take up any drawer space.
  • Ergonomic handle lets you lift anywhere with just one finger.
  • Drawers latch without lifting the handle; great when you’ve got full hands.
Latest Developments
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