Aluminum Cabinets

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Mobile Base Cabinet

ProII SERIES Aluminum Mobile Base Cabinets

  • High-Alloy Aluminum
  • Double Locking Casters
  • Anodized Frame
  • .075” Stainless Steel Top
  • Rolls Under Counter
  • Trigger Latch
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Pull-Out Shelves
  • Lifetime Warranty




Signature Black

Signature Black



Moduline Blue

Moduline Blue

Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Light Gray

Light Gray

Actual Colors May Vary From Website.
Custom colors also available.

  • Features Double Locking Casters
  • Modular and easy to install. Moduline aluminum garage storage cabinets are completely assembled modular units and install easily with simple tools. With the modular design, unlimited combinations can be created from our standard sizes. Custom sizes also available.
  • Front frames are clear anodized and sealed aluminum for good looks and durability.
  • Extra rigid integrated aluminum frames with double reinforced corners and precision hardware (no welds to crack).
  • Integrated top bracing provides maximum strength and the ability to mount a vice on the countertop.
  • Full extension smooth ball bearing drawer slides
  • Rolls out to the job for easy tool and part access
  • Fits under countertop with cabinet systems
  • Includes .075″ solid stainless steel top
  • Adjustable shelf system allows shelves to be adjusted in 2-1/4″ increments from top to bottom. (choose from Adjustable Shelves or Adjustable Pull-Out-Shelves)
  • One adjustable shelf included with every mobile base cabinet.
  • All drawers feature QuickDraw® Text LogoSingle Action Latch System (Pat #9,149,117) on optional 4” drawer.
  • Manufactured from premium high-alloy aluminum with high gloss finish.
  • Doors are double wall construction, with inner-hat-bracing for maximum strength and rigidity. Doors are manufactured using .063″ thick premium aluminum outside and .040″ thick premium aluminum on inner panels. Full length continuous aluminum hinges provide complete support to the door structure.
  • Low profile trigger latches keep doors securely closed and have a textured chrome finish that looks great. Latches are spring loaded providing a built in handle when unlatched. Latch guards protect mechanism on inside of door. (locking latches available)
  • 5″ industrial double locking casters, lock both wheel rotation and swivel
  • CAD and CNC assure precision cabinets providing a perfect fit.
  • Highly resistant to mold, mildew, corrosion, discoloration and fingerprints.
  • Will not attract dust and will not cause static shock unlike plastic or resin.
  • Completely hypoallergenic: Moduline Aluminum Garage Storage Cabinets are constructed from materials that minimize the possibility of allergic response.
  • Lifetime Warranty
HeightDepthWidthPart NumberDrawers
37.7″24″32″SD382432MB(1) 4″H

4″ High Top Drawer Featuring QuickDraw® Patented Single Action Latch System


  • Effortlessly lift anywhere along the handle to release the latch – so easy you can do it with one finger
  • Drawers stay safely closed during transit, even without locks
  • Dual mechanisms at each end of the handle work independently to ensure secure closure while sacrificing NO drawer space
  • Whisper quiet operation

Extra Adjustable Shelves

  • adjustable-shelvesEasy to install and adjust height in 2-1/4” increments
  • CAD and CNC precision ensure that shelves fit perfectly
  • Made from high-alloy aluminum
  • One adjustable shelf included with every mobile base cabinet.

Adjustable Pull-Out Shelves

  • pull-out-shelfEasy to install and adjust height in 2-1/4” increments
  • Provides easy access for hard-to-reach items
  • Great for storing large, bulky items
  • Shelves slide out on full-extension smooth ball bearing slides
  • CAD and CNC precision ensure that shelves fit perfectly
  • Made from high-alloy aluminum

Locking Latch option available

Aluminum Drawer Dividers

  • drawer-dividersKeeps parts, tools or hardware separated and organized
  • Fits drawer cabinets, toolboxes and tool carts
  • Each drawer includes 6 separators that can be rearranged for any size parts
  • Additional separators can be ordered for even more customization
  • Made from high-alloy aluminum

Plastic Drawer Bins

  • drawer-binsPerfect for organizing small parts and hardware
  • Available in setups for small, medium and large parts
  • Rearrange them to suit your needs
  • High impact polystyrene (HIPS)

Moduline Extreme Liner™

  • Drawer Liner for Aluminum Cabinet SystemsNon-slip, PVC-coated polyester holds tools in place
  • Solid material (not mesh) black in color
  • 20.8″ wide x 1/8″ thick
  • The 20.8″ width fits in a 24″ deep Moduline Drawer
  • Protects tools from scratching and marring
  • Works on any drawers or shelves
  • Easy to trim for a perfect fit
  • Works great on shelves to cushion fragile items

Workbench Mat

  • bench-matPerfect way to protect your countertop, tools and parts
  • Shock absorbent
  • Resists oil, grease and many common chemicals
  • Diamond tread pattern prevents slippage
  • Cuts easily to fit any size workbench (up to 36” deep)

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