WebFX Industries Draft | Commercial Cabinets

WebFX Industries Draft | Commercial Cabinets

Pro II Series are the top of the line in storage solutions

The Top Of The Line In Commercial Storage Solutions

For more than 30 years, Moduline has been manufacturing high-quality aluminum cabinets that can meet any specific storage requirement. And with custom capabilities, Moduline can create a product that provides the ideal fit and function for your space.

WebFX Industries Draft | Commercial Cabinets
The Leader In Commercial Aluminum Cabinets

ProII Series

Our cabinets are designed to provide easy-to-use storage solutions for tough work environments. They also look great. Our aluminum cabinets are custom-made from durable, military-grade aluminum. This means integrated frames, extra support gussets, double-reinforced corners, full-length hinges and double-wall door construction.

The end result are aluminum storage cabinets that are specifically designed for exactly what you need, while being strong as or stronger than many steel cabinets.

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Commercial Grade Quality Storage Solutions

ProII Series

Aluminum cabinets also resist corrosion, fingerprints and discoloration. Without question, Pro II Series cabinets are the commercial-grade quality solution for your storage needs, including:

  • Dealerships
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Aircraft hangars
  • And even more!
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Pro II Series with cars on a lift.

Aluminum Cabinet Features: Enhance Your Job Shop

With the high-intensity, demanding work being done in professional garages, most job shops need a lot of storage.

Not only are Moduline’s aluminum storage cabinets rugged enough to stand up to the challenge, they are bristling with features that make your team’s work in the garage more efficient – which means you can get more done, while having a great looking professional garage.

Pro II Closets HighlightedCloset Cabinets

Closet cabinets are a great for organizing your shop and getting bulky tools, containers and bottles off your countertop, but constantly needing to get at things pushed all the way to the back can be a real pain.





ProII Specialty Cabinets HighlightedPull-Out Shelves

Adjustable pull-out shelves give you easy access to the entire closet, all the way to the bottom, without having to awkwardly fish around. When it’s easy, you don’t have any barriers to maintaining an organized shop.





ProII Overheads Highlighted

Durable Countertops

Countertops in commercial environments see heavy use and are often exposed to harsh chemicals. Moduline countertops are tough, durable and made of solid material unlike laminate countertops. Moduline offers three different countertop options Solid Aluminum, Stainless Steel and 1 3/4″ Thick Butcher Block.

WebFX Industries Draft | Commercial Cabinets
The Top of the Line in Storage

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