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The garage is no longer just a dumping ground for your stuff. Today’s garage is an additional room in your home and the SERIES by Moduline is designed to give you the storage you need at a great value and with great style. Packed with standard features such as soft close hinges, shelves, stainless steel tops and full extension ball bearing drawer slides, these aluminum storage cabinets are all you will ever need.

If you look around at all the different garage storage cabinets available today, it can be overwhelming. There is steel, wood, melamine, plastic and aluminum. Then there are different gauges and qualities in each material. At Moduline, we have been specializing in military-grade aluminum cabinets for over 30 years. The reason; aluminum is the best material for a garage environment, period. Even though the garage is becoming a more sophisticated part of the home, it rarely will have the same environment like inside the house. Our engineering makes the SERIES strong like steel, our design makes them beautiful and being aluminum, they will not rust, rot or fall apart like the other materials. If you are looking for a high quality garage cabinet system that last for years, you’re looking for the SERIES by Moduline.

Need help? Call us today for a complimentary design consultation or simply measure you space, choose what cabinets you want and place your order. The SERIES is also available in pre-configured combinations for different width spaces.

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