Aluminum Cabinets

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Select™ SERIES Garage & Shop Cabinet Combinations

SelectSERIES Garage & Shop Cabinet Combinations

So you know what space you have available in your garage and you simply want to add quality cabinets, right? No problem. The Select SERIES Cabinet Combinations make it super easy to get what you want quickly. Each pre-configured combination has its own unique part number to make ordering a click away. The combinations come in different overall lengths based on what and how many cabinets are in each. Don’t worry if you don’t see exactly the combination you want. The Select SERIES high-alloy aluminum cabinets are also available as individual cabinet components, allowing you to put together a combination specifically for your garage.

Select SERIES Modular Aluminum Garage & Shop Cabinets

Made from the same high alloy aluminum as our SERIES Cabinets, The Select SERIES Cabinet Combinations give you great strength, great value and a great look. You are assured of the highest quality at this price point because they are made by Moduline. For over 25 years, we have been making some of the most sought after aluminum cabinet systems available. Order your Select SERIES cabinet combination today by calling 888-343-4463. (Or purchase in our Online Store)

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